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The re-manufacture process

“Remanufacturing is the process of returning a used product to at least original-equipment-manufacturer performance specification and giving the resultant product a warranty that is at least equal to that of a newly manufactured equivalent”.

The principal components are reused. Dismantling is carried out so that it is possible to ascertain component condition, wear or deterioration. Each part is thoroughly cleaned and examined. Any broken, missing or damaged items are replaced by new parts, or reconditioned so that they are as new. It may sometimes be acceptable to incorporate used items if their functionality is not affected. Any necessary rectification by, for example, machining or refinishing will be carried out to restore working condition. A refurbished product will operate to the same standard as a new one. 

It is a commonly known fact the remanufacture/recycling process is environmentally green and friendly so we will not dwell on this subject. We are however pleased to explain our tried and trusted remanufacture process which is simple and effective. Taking an old Caliper we strip it and separate the parts from the carcass, the main body is inspected for cracks, breakages and distortions etc. Should any of these faults be found the body is deemed to be scrap, those casings that pass the initial inspections are then degreased and cleaned in a hot pressure detergent bath. Shot blasting is the next part of the process where we achieve a high quality finish, the unit is then chemically plated “in house” which achieves a far superior finish to painting and similar methods leaving the unit ready for rebuild.

The internals of the old Caliper are thoroughly inspected, the overly worn parts are discarded, the main criteria in the remanufacture process is to use parts that are seen to be in a useable condition, bearings, rubber parts and the majority of smaller working parts are obviously replaced.

Once the unit has been re-assembled by our dedicated and experienced engineers the finished product is bench tested to ensure it is functioning correctly, the necessary parts are aligned, adjusting mechanisms are functioning, rubber parts are not split etc. the unit is then date stamped and the assembler code is added to ensure complete traceability .

From testing the unit is then passed to our despatch department where a further inspection takes place and all the necessary caps, covers, bungs and labels are added, the unit is then boxed and either shelved or sent out.





Re-manufacturing commercial brake calipers

Quality throughout the process